Angelic Reiki – The Subtle Change.

The benefits of attuning with Angelic Reiki in one’s life, are hard to describe in words. Due to the subtleness of change, it is not until we reflect back on our life that we both see and realize that a shift has occurred.
Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree workshops consist of a Karmic cleansing, an energetic cleansing, designed to remove the blocked or dense energy, which we are holding within our bodies. This may be consciously or unconsciously held in our auras, or in our memories and are buried deep in our cells. Removal of this dense energy is necessary before we can be attuned to the highest frequency of the Angelic Kingdom of Light.
This occurs during the weekend often with very powerful experiences. Then, over time, as one is able to hold that frequency longer, attunement becomes the norm.
Our awareness expands as we realize there is no need for drama in our lives. On the occasions when we do experience discord, it is apparent that this is no longer the norm. Peacefulness, laughter and simplicity are the new norm.
The shifts are experienced when we realize old aches and pains have left the body. Flu, colds or injury become rarer, our bodies heal quickly. We become grateful for optimal health and vitality, the new norm.
As in nature, our personal shifts are like the changing seasons. We may notice the bareness of trees in winter, new life budding in spring. Next we rejoice in summer abundance and then notice the beautiful colours of dying autumn leaves. Moment by moment we may not see the changes, but every now and then awareness of the changes cannot be denied.
Angelic Reiki is a gift to oneself. By receiving the attunements, we are dropping a pebble into the water of our lives. The ripple effect extends out into our whole life, to our family, friends and colleagues. As a result, some people may slowly disappear out of our lives while other more like minded people are attracted.
The Angelic Guides are here for everyone. Angelic Reiki, fast tracks the opening to Divine Channel, whether receiving a treatment or being attuned to it. We are all divinely guided, we simply have to remember and ask for help.
My life’s mission is to harmonize body, mind and spirit, for others, as well as myself; to reconnect people to their inner and higher selves and to help them to remove blocks hindering their personal growth on any level whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. Our purpose and passion then increase and we experience less stress and more energy.
Angelic Reiki complements medicinal treatments and can be an incredible source of inner strength when we are processing dis-ease and receiving medical care as well as during the challenging times we may experience in life. Angelic Reiki is unconditional pure love which fills me with joy and gratitude as I share it every day with everyone in so many ways.
Please contact myself or any of the Angelic Reiki family to experience this healing or for more information, as well as visiting the ARA website. In addition, every week, together we send distance healing to those who request this (for you or anyone). Whatever our path, we are energy manifested. Everything is energy held together by the incredible power of love!
With my love and blessings to you.
Amber Dickinson
07742 033 066 or 01723 367501