Angelic Reiki – Essentials of Attunements and Experiences

Following on from the last issue’s article about Angelic Reiki – An Introduction, this article explains about Angelic attunements and our experiences with our own Personal Healing Angels.

So what is an Attunement?
Very simply, an attunement is a change in consciousness.   When we are born, our consciousness rests in the vibration of Divine Love.   As we go through life, our consciousness is affected by the many and varied experiences we undergo, distorting it from its Divine perfection.   An attunement will adjust our consciousness, bringing it closer to its original Divine design.
How does an Angelic Reiki attunement differ from other Reiki Systems?
Unlike other forms of Reiki, Angelic Reiki attunements are undertaken by the Angelic Kingdom directly and therefore have no conscious human influence.    An Angelic Reiki attunement is performed directly by the Angelic Kingdom of Light using the Reiki symbols which were entrusted to humanity by St Germaine at the time of Atlantis.   This changes the individual’s vibration of consciousness allowing a merging with the Angelic Realm. A partnership is established between the individual and their personal healing Angel for this lifetime.
These attunements were originally given by Archangel Metatron and he oversees the giving of these during the workshops.  Angelic Reiki is the only system that attunes the healer to all seven vibrational levels of form and Divine form.
Although the symbols are common in both Reiki systems, in traditional Usui Reiki the symbols are learnt and drawn during a treatment, whereas with Angelic Reiki the symbols have already been anchored during the attunment process and are automatically activated when the healing Angel is called upon.
One of the most beautiful aspects of an Angelic Reiki course is the unique and breath-taking attunment which is given by thirty Archangels. During a meditative state, participants are guided to The Cathedral of Light, where they receive the Angelic keys to the Reiki symbols allowing them to experience the symbols on all dimensional levels.
Working with our Personal Healing Angels.
Every Angelic Reiki healer’s experiences are different when it comes to working with their personal healing angel and it is important to note that there is no right or wrong way. At the start of the treatment when the healing Angel is called in, we feel strong energy pulsating down our arms and into our hands as our healing Angel merges with our energies. We see vibrant colours swirling, images of the Angels and often more vivid visions, such as healing temples incorporating pillars of light, Ascended Masters, snippets of past lives and the Galactic Healers themselves directing and doing the healing. Our hands get warmer and we are often guided by our healing Angel to parts of the body that need specific healing. Always, there is a feeling of total overwhelming peace and amazing love being wrapped around us ensuring that we are held, loved and secure.
For Angelic Reiki workshops and treatments throughout the country, please view The Angelic Reiki Association Work Shop Calendar
Maria Rebato-Sachs and Emma-Kate King, Angelic Reiki Master/Teachers at Caprius Healing Therapies.