Victoria Bligh

Master Teacher offering:

  • Individual Angelic Reiki treatments
  • Beginner to Practitioner level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Master level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Angelic Reiki share/development groups
  • Talks on Angelic Reiki

Location:     New York Tri-State area, Mid-Atlantic, New England, Chicago and elsewhere in the US and internationally by invitation

Telephone:            516-477-0410




I honour the journey in remembering we are all beings of Divine Universal Energy.  As we heal and raise our vibration, we renew the planet and humanity. When Spirit and body unite, the body is restored to optimum health. Through meditation I learned to still the mind, surrender to silence and expand my consciousness experiencing the connectedness of everything. In stillness, I became a conscious channel. The Archangels and Ascended Masters are my teachers. I am an Ordained Minister, Advanced Crystal Master Healer, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Medical Reiki™ Master. I am blessed to offer Angelic healing services.