Pauline Richards

Master Teacher offering:

  • Individual Angelic Reiki treatments
  • Beginner to Practitioner level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Master level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Angelic Reiki Share/Development Groups
  • Talks on Angelic Reiki

Location:     Carlisle and Kendal, Cumbria, Gretna, Dumfries and Galloway and elsewhere in the UK and internationally by invitation

Tel:               07961 323830



Pauline has come to us with the greatest depth of knowledge about the kingdoms of light, Ascended Masters and our brothers and sisters of the Angelic realms. We honour and respect the time she has dedicated to her teachings and now support her in assisting and bringing these realms to as many people as possible to bring the light. We work for man to improve the earth and its environs and encourage you to take steps to follow your path. This can be done by healing treatments or training enabling you to spread the word. We are blessed souls that impart this knowledge to you as a divine message.

Pauline is a dedicated therapist and teacher of many disciplines of healing that started by her own injuries back in 2010. Since her healing she has been driven to spread the word and help others to heal themselves and improve their lives finding happiness.  Now a 4 times Reiki Master Teacher, Pauline is a great listener and has a tool bag of treatments to see what fits your needs at that time whilst working on the root cause of problems. Treatments range from Angelic, Usui, Karuna & Holy Fire Reiki, Access Bars, Universal Rays, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Diamond Light Grid Alignments, Ancestral Timeline Healing, Soul Retrieval, Bio-Energiser Detox Footspa, Visualisation & 5 Awakening Sequence. Attunements and Training can also be given and Angel Card Reading Workshops and Retreats.