Mary Banks


Master Teacher Offering:

Individual Angelic Reiki treatments
Beginner to Practitioner level Angelic Reiki Workshops
Master level Angelic Reiki Workshops
Angelic Reiki Share/Development Groups
Talks on Angelic Reiki


Pembrokeshire and other areas of the UK and New Zealand by invitation.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 07948 093438

Personal Bio:

Mary is based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Born in Lancashire, Mary moved to Pembrokeshire with her parents at the age of 17.  Mary moved away from the area when she married into the armed forces and returned again with her husband and three children in 1985.  Throughout the intervening years Mary found herself in many different parts of the country and overseas.  Since returning Mary has made Pembrokeshire her home again.

Mary had always had a strong spiritual side but it was only once her children had grown up that she had time to explore this side to herself and life.  For years Mary had been told that she had healing hands and, after some thought, decided to start training in the healing art of Reiki.  Upon completion of her Reiki 1 training Mary discovered a specific interest in Angels and wished to find out more so enrolled in several workshops.  Mary devoted more and more of her time to her new learning and over the course of several years she gained her Reiki 2 certificate and ultimately became a Reiki Master/teacher. Then a Karuna Master/ teacher and at the present time learning about Munay-Ki Rites which is shamanic healing. At the same time Mary was discovering more of Angels and came across the teachings of Diana Cooper and was drawn toward the School and Angels and Ascension.  The more Mary discovered the more she saw herself teaching about this - sharing the simple truth that everyone is loved.  Mary, through her learning, and her working with others, had felt the warmth and support of Angels and now felt her purpose clear...

Mary wishes to pass on the joy of Angels by showing as many people as possible how to connect to their Guardian Angel.  Many people wish to learn how Angels can help them in their day-to-day lives but for many people time is limited.  Often times it is those with limited time who need this support the most.  For this reason Mary is looking to conduct small group sessions, of shorter time and weekdays if necessary.  The planet needs many lightworkers to aid its recovery.  Through her Reiki and Angel Teaching Mary has the skills to initiate more lightworkers and wishes to raise awareness of what is available to everyone once asked for.

A self contained one bedroom flat sleeping 2/4 is available for a reasonable rent at the Angelic Retreat for All, for people that need accommodation, whilst attending courses.