Lauren Kranich

Practitioner offering:

  • Individual Angelic Reiki treatments
  • Talks on Angelic Reiki

Location:      Monmouth County, New Jersey

Tel:                  +1-201-788-3414



Upon developing an auto-immune disease in my 20s, I turned to nutrition & energy work to reconnect with my authentic self and maintain balance in my body.  It’s with this knowledge that I look to create a space where others can reconnect with their innate ability to heal.  I call upon nutrition, mindfulness, & gentle movement to help support others on their healing journey.  Angelic Reiki, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Sound Bowl Healing & Yoga are the pillars of my practice.  It is my intention to create a safe space where you feel empowered to heal your body, shine your light, and help raise the vibration of your community.