Anita Shukla-Accardi

Master Teacher offering:

  • Individual Angelic Reiki treatments
  • Practitioner level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Master level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Angelic Reiki Share/Development Groups
  • Talks on Angelic Reiki

Location:      New Jersey and elsewhere in the USA by invitation

Tel:                    732-491-1290

Web :    


With excitement, love, and dedication I stand in service.  I have been a decades long student of consciousness and human experience in a variety of capacities.  As a person of Eastern Indian descent, I have been immersed in the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation for most of my life.  I have served as a practitioner in the field of mental health for over 20 years, integrating my spiritual understanding along the way.  My current work is teaching yoga to both students and teachers, using the akashic records to help others recognize their origins & align to their purpose. I am also a channel and help others to connect via hypnosis & past life regression.  Most importantly, I do this work in service and under the guidance of the Angelic Kingdom. Angelic Reiki is integrated in all I do.  I offer Angelic Reiki individual & group sessions as well as Level 1 & 2 workshops. I have a strong commitment to making this work accessible to marginalized groups and those with financial/cultural barriers