Amantha Hague

Master Teacher offering:

  • Individual Angelic Reiki treatments
  • Beginner to Practitioner level Angelic Reiki Workshops
  • Master level Angelic Reiki Workshops

Location:      Leyburn North Yorkshire and surrounding areas (Bedale, Catterick, Richmond, Northallerton)

Tel:                   07832 176594



My spiritual journey began in 2020 after moving across the globe from South Africa to the UK and having my second child. These two major events triggered a Spiritual Awakening and my soul was yearning for something I couldn’t figure out. I received my practitioners level in Usui Reiki but this still didn’t feel “enough”. I had been drawn to Angels for a while and when I came across Angelic Reiki, I just knew this is where I am meant to be. I am now a Qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. I am dedicated to helping other souls move through a wide range of physical and emotional transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible, whether it be through my mobile reiki healing treatments or by attunments from practitioner to master teacher levels.